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Experience Clear Views and Ultimate Comfort with Quality Cafe Blinds.

Discover PVC Cafe Blinds

Elevate your outdoor space with our premium Cafe Blinds, designed to provide superior protection and aesthetic appeal. These blinds are perfect for creating a versatile and comfortable outdoor area, offering clear visibility while shielding you from the elements. Made from high-quality PVC material, they are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to weather conditions. 

Why Cafe Blinds?

enclosed patio area with transparent cafe blinds, featuring comfortable seating and decorative plants, surrounded by a white brick exterior and lush garden.

Weather Protection

Our PVC Blinds offer excellent protection against wind, rain, and UV rays, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor area regardless of the weather.

Easy Maintenance

PVC blinds are easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking new. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime.

Aesthetic Appeal

Enhance the look of your outdoor area with sleek and stylish Cafe blinds. Their modern design compliments any decor, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Clear Visibility

Enjoy unobstructed views of your surroundings while staying protected from the elements. The transparent PVC material allows you to maintain clear visibility without sacrificing comfort.

15 Year Warranty

Confidence in our products allows us to offer warranties that stand out. Enjoy 15 years of peace of mind on all Outdoor Blinds!

The Just Quality Cafe Blinds Difference

Enclosed patio area with transparent cafe blinds, providing a clear view of the garden and neighboring structures, with tiled flooring and metal fencing.

Australian Made Cafe Blinds

Upgrade to PVC Blinds, crafted locally and designed to withstand Australian weather conditions.

Modern outdoor patio area with transparent cafe blinds, overlooking a swimming pool and garden, featuring comfortable seating and a barbecue

Custom Solutions

Tailor your Blinds to fit your specific needs with a wide range of customisation options. Choose from clear or over 20 different tinted PVC fabrics that won’t stain or discolour.

Motorised Options

A motorised option is available for our Cafe Blinds, stopping them at any height and removing the need for manual adjustments. Control your outdoor blinds from anywhere! 

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Cafe Blinds FAQ

Unlike traditional outdoor blinds, Cafe Blinds often come in clear or tinted extrude PVC, allowing for visibility and maintaining a connection with the outdoor environment while still providing protection from the elements. This feature makes them perfect for homeowners looking to protect outdoor dining areas or business owners who want to create outdoor spaces for their customers to enjoy year-round.

Yes. Our Blinds are constructed with durable materials that withstand wind, rain, and sun, ensuring your outdoor space remains comfortable and protected, no matter the weather.

Cafe Outdoor Blinds require low maintenance. We recommend using warm soapy water to keep your blinds clean, remove stains, and maintain their quality. Additionally, outdoor blind cleaners such as ‘Swiftee’ can be used to ensure a fresh appearance for years to come.

Avoid using window cleaning detergents or sprays, high-pressure hoses, stiff brooms, or abrasive cleaning methods.

Yes, tinted PVC Blinds are designed to reduce sun exposure, protect your skin and furniture from harmful UV rays, and help maintain cooler temperatures in your outdoor space.

Yes, Cafe Blinds can be equipped with motorisation, adding convenience and ease of use. Motorised Outdoor Blinds can be controlled with a remote control, wall switch, or even integrated into smart home systems, allowing you to adjust the blinds effortlessly for the perfect ambiance and comfort.

Yes, the high-quality European motors used in our Outdoor Blinds facilitate seamless integration with a wide range of smart home or business systems, including Alexa and Google Home.

Generally, most councils do not require residents to apply for approval for the installation of Outdoor Blinds. However, seek independent advice specific to your given council and requirements. Buildings in a community group or managed by strata may have restrictions that you should consider before deciding to install Outdoor Blinds.

Yes, ourPVC Outdoor Blinds are highly customisable. We offer a range of colours, materials, and mechanisms (including motorised options) to complement any architectural style.

Lead times can vary based on your specific requirements and our current schedule. We aim for quick turnarounds, ensuring your outdoor space is ready to enjoy as soon as possible.

Our Outdoor Blinds are backed by a 15-year warranty, ensuring protection against any faults in materials or craftsmanship.

Absolutely. Cafe Blinds are versatile and can be perfectly utilised in both settings. For commercial establishments like cafes and restaurants, they extend comfortable outdoor seating areas, enhancing customer experience. In homes, they transform patios or decks into cosy, protected outdoor living spaces, increasing privacy and usability.

After booking your free assessment, one of our team members will promptly reach out to you to schedule a convenient time for the assessment to take place at your home. We highly recommend having all members of your household present during the assessment. This ensures that everyone’s preferences and requirements regarding the product, fabric, and colour choices are taken into account.

Understanding that it can be challenging to coordinate everyone’s availability, we offer visits after business hours on weekdays and Saturday mornings.

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