Welcome to Just Quality’s Privacy Policy. Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to protecting your personal information. This policy outlines our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and describes how we collect, use, disclose, store, secure, and dispose of your personal information. By using our services or accessing our website, you consent to the practices described in this policy.

1. Collection of Personal Information

1.1 Types of Personal Information
We may collect personal details, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and facsimile numbers, to provide services related to our business operations.

1.2 Obtaining Personal Information
We may collect your personal information through various means, including:

  • Correspondence by telephone, facsimile, or email.
  • Interactions with our company website, found here.
  • Information obtained from media, publications, and publicly available sources.
  • Cookies placed on your device when you use our website.
  • Information provided by third parties.
  • Public information and posts shared on our website or third-party social media platforms when you interact with our services.

1.3 Other Sources
We may supplement the information we collect about you with data from publicly available sources, data providers, business partners, or related and affiliated companies. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of external websites linked to ours. We recommend reviewing their privacy policies as well.

2. Use & Disclosure of Personal Information

Your personal information is primarily collected for the purpose of providing our services to you, enhancing your customer experience, conducting research and data analysis, marketing, and sharing information with you as our clients. We may also use your personal information for secondary purposes closely related to the primary purpose or where required or authorised by law. This may involve sharing your information with third parties, with your consent or as legally required.

3. Sensitive Information

We will only collect particularly sensitive information with your consent or when required or authorised by law. Such sensitive information may include details about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, membership of professional bodies, criminal records, or health information. If collected with your consent, sensitive information will be used only for the purpose for which it was obtained or for a directly related secondary purpose.

4. Third Parties

We aim to collect personal information directly from you whenever it is reasonable and practical. However, in some instances, third parties may provide us with information. When this occurs, we will take reasonable steps to inform you of the information obtained from third parties.

At times, we may share your information with third-party services and content providers relevant to our business services, including those assisting with website management, hosting services, debt collection, and direct marketing. These third parties may be located outside Australia, and any agreements with them will ensure that your information is used solely for the intended purpose. By engaging with our company, you consent to the potential transmission and accessibility of your personal information outside Australia.

5. Analytics & Cookies

We use cookies on our website to enhance your user experience. Cookies are standard practice on most major websites and are small text files that may be placed on your computer or mobile device to remember your preferences. You can manage cookie settings in your browser, but please note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our website.

Our website also utilises Google Analytics, a service that provides traffic data without identifying individual users or associating IP addresses with personal data. Google Analytics helps us understand and analyse website traffic and usage patterns. By using our website, you consent to Google’s Privacy Policy regarding data processing. To opt out of Google Analytics, you can disable cookies, JavaScript, or use the opt-out option provided by Google.

6. Security

Just Quality takes logical steps to safeguard your personal information from loss, theft, unauthorised use, modification, or disclosure. Our security measures include:

  • Preventing unauthorised access to our online and computer systems through software, firewalls, virus detection, data encryption, and password-restricted access.
  • Training all staff in compliance with Australian privacy laws and this policy.
  • Ensuring that personal information is securely destroyed or permanently de-identified when no longer required, with most information retained in client files for a minimum of 7 years.

7. Accessing Your Personal Information

Subject to exceptions, you have the right to access the personal information we hold about you. To request access or update your details, please contact us in writing. While an administrative fee may apply for providing a copy of your personal information, there will be no charge for the request. Identification may be required as a protective measure.

8. Accuracy of Personal Information

We strive to maintain accurate and current personal details. Please notify us as soon as possible if your information changes or if you discover inaccuracies. This will help us provide you with quality service.

9. Credit Reporting

We may check your creditworthiness or assess your credit situation, necessitating the provision of your personal information to credit reporting bodies. As a condition of sale, you agree to the following:

9.1 Credit Report Authorisation
The Customer hereby authorises Just Quality to obtain a credit report from a credit reporting agency containing personal credit information related to the credit provided by the Seller.

9.2 Information Sharing & Use
The Customer agrees that Just Quality may share information about the Customer with credit providers named as trade referees by the Customer or listed in a consumer credit report issued by a credit reporting agency. This information exchange serves the following purposes:

  • To assess the Customer’s credit application.
    To notify other credit providers of a Customer default.
  • To share information with other credit providers regarding the status of this credit account when the Customer is in default with other credit providers.
  • To evaluate the creditworthiness of the Customer.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the information exchanged may encompass details about the Customer’s creditworthiness, credit standing, credit history, or credit capacity as permitted under the Privacy Act 1988.

9.3 Consumer Credit Report for Debt Collection

The Customer consents to the Seller obtaining a consumer credit report for the purpose of collecting overdue payments on commercial credit, as per Section 18K(1)(h) of the Privacy Act 1988.

9.4 Use of Personal Credit Information
The Customer agrees that personal credit information provided may be used and retained by the Seller for the following purposes, as well as other purposes agreed upon between the Customer and Seller or required by law from time to time:

  • Providing Goods and/or Services.
  • Marketing Goods and/or Services by the Seller, its agents, or distributors.
  • Analysing, verifying, and checking the Customer’s credit, payment, and status concerning the provision of Goods and/or Services.
  • Processing payment instructions, direct debit facilities, and/or credit facilities requested by the Customer.
  • Facilitating the daily operation of the Customer’s account and/or the collection of outstanding amounts related to the Goods and/or Services.

9.5 Reporting to Credit Reporting Agency
The Seller reserves the right to provide information about the Customer to a credit reporting agency for the following purposes:

  • Obtaining a consumer credit report about the Customer.
  • Allowing the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file containing Customer-related information.

9.6 Information Provided to Credit Reporting Agency

The information provided to the credit reporting agency may include the following:

  • Personal particulars (Customer’s name, gender, address, previous addresses, date of birth, employer’s name, and driver’s license number).
  • Details regarding the Customer’s credit or commercial credit application and the requested amount.
  • Notification that the Seller is a current credit provider to the Customer.
  • Reporting of overdue accounts, loan repayments, and outstanding amounts overdue by more than sixty (60) days, along with any initiated debt collection actions.
  • Confirmation that the Customer’s overdue accounts, loan repayments, and outstanding amounts are no longer overdue concerning any listed defaults.
  • Information suggesting that, in the Seller’s opinion, the Customer has committed a serious credit infringement (i.e., fraudulent behaviour or a clear intention not to comply with credit obligations).
  • Notification of instances where cheques drawn by the Customer for one hundred dollars ($100) or more have been dishonoured on multiple occasions.
  • Reporting that credit provided to the Customer by the Seller has been paid or otherwise settled.

10. Policy Updates

Just Quality may modify this policy at any time, with changes becoming effective upon publication online. The most current version will always be available on our website.

11. Opting Out

For email subscriptions, you can simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. To unsubscribe from our text messaging service, please reply ‘REMOVE’.
To unsubscribe from our mailing and marketing lists, please contact us in writing or by phone. Processing your unsubscribe request may take up to 3 business days.

12. Push Notifications

Occasionally, we may send push notifications to provide updates on our latest blogs or promotions. You can turn these notifications off via your device settings or our website. We may collect certain information about your device to ensure proper notifications.

13. Complaints & Enquiries

If you believe we mishandled your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer using the following options:

  • Mail: ATTN: Privacy Officer, PO BOX 397, Torrensville Plaza SA, 5031
  • Phone: 1300 813 813
  • Email: info@justquality.com.au

A Privacy Complaint Form is available upon request to facilitate your complaint handling. We will investigate and address your concerns promptly. If you remain unsatisfied, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner for further assistance.

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