Do Roller Shutters Reduce Heat?

Ready to reduce your electricity bill?

Whether it’s for privacy or for keeping the light out, Roller shutters are a great investment in your home and family. However, did you know that they can also help you cut back costs on your heating and cooling bills?

Well-made roller shutters have the ability to regulate the temperature inside your home. This is done by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, resulting from air conditioning use and lowering your overall energy costs.

Why Consider Roller Shutters?

Energy efficiency and sustainable energy use are a huge part of any home. We have electrical products running all day, along with items that we need for work or for family. But the downside to this is that it can increase your home’s emissions and cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

Glass can do the trick when necessary but during winter it’s not the best insulator, but roller shutters can help reduce noise and minimise the loss of heat in your home. If you don’t have any form of window coverings, the intense sunlight can quickly pass through your windows, resulting in your home getting hot, and heavily relying on air conditioning in order to cool down. This not only has an impact on the temperature of your home but also on the interior furnishes, as they can be damaged by light and heat that comes through to your rooms.

Reducing Heat

In a 2015 comparative analysis conducted by the University of Newcastle, it was determined that external shutters emerged as the most energy-efficient option for window coverings. While the study did not distinguish between roller shutters and other types, their fundamental attributes share similarities.

These shutters are installed on the exterior of windows, whether within the window recess or on the outer surface. They function as a tangible barrier against heat, establishing an air gap between the shutter and the windowpane.

What Type of Shutter Is Most Effective for Cooling My Home?

There is a large variety of shutters on the market, however, most won’t have the same structure as roller shutters. As they have a large robust system, they can very easily keep the home secure all while keeping it cool. As roller shutters can completely block out light from the sun, heat doesn’t hit your windows, making it so much cooler inside for you.

Roller shutters can block up to 90% of UV rays, so any remaining hot air doesn’t end up overheating the inside of your property.

What Advantages Does Lowering the Temperature in My Home Offer?

By reducing how much you use your air conditioning, you’ll start to notice a big difference in your electricity bills and how much it makes a big impact on the environment. However, you’ll notice that the biggest advantage of roller shutters is that you’ll feel so much better in your cooler home.

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