Prepare Yourself For The AFL Grand Final!

It’s almost the end of September, which means the AFL 2023 Grand Final is just a few sleeps away! If you’re entertaining with our outdoor blinds, here’s how to prepare yourself for the AFL Grand Final with these entertainment tips;


The perfect set-up for entertaining guests for the AFL Grand Final!


Outdoor Blinds Tips

  • As we know, the South Australian climate can be unpredictable, be it heavy rain or strong gusts of wind. If you’re using a remote or pull stick for our outdoor blinds, keep them nearby to avoid missing any of the AFL Grand Final action!
  • Adjust your blinds at any time to avoid the weather elements getting in the way, there’s no need to move the party inside! There’s nothing worse than trying to eat a hot pie while the wind gusts at you or the sun beaming directly at you. 

Food Suggestions

  • Speaking of, Aussies love nothing more than those close-call sports finals, keeping everyone on their toes and clutching onto the wrappings of a hot footy pie. Grabbing a box of Vili’s assorted pastries should keep everyone happy. (And don’t worry, with our outdoor blinds down, you won’t need to stress about that hot pie getting everywhere!)
  • Aside from pies and pasties though, nothing screams Australian quite like snags on the barbie for an AFL grand final. We suggest grabbing sausages and burger patties from SA-owned and operated Slape & Sons. You can get these from shops including Drakes, Foodland and IGA. Delicious! Oh, and better grab some veggies to add to it too.

Snacks – Can’t Party Without Snacks!

  • When it comes to yummy snacks (pun intended), we recommend locally-based Yummy Snack Foods. Ranging from dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and confectionery, these snacks make the perfect balance for your AFL grand final needs. You can get these from their shop located in Welland, or your local Drakes, fruit shops, IGA, and Romeo’s Foodlands.
  • Fairy bread. Go on, you know you want to.

Bevvys – Non-Alcoholic 

  • While there are many beverages to pick from such as Coca-Cola, we recommend grabbing some iconic South Aussie Bickfords drinks. There’s a variety of beverages including traditional sodas, cordials, and juices. A bit of something for everyone, and something a bit different. You can get these from shops including Drakes, Foodlands and Tony & Marks.


Whether it’s pre, between, or post-match, having some music is bound to keep your guests entertained throughout. As everyone’s music taste is different, there’s bound to be a perfect Spotify or Listnr playlist mix for your party. Or, be the DJ and create your own playlist to pump up the atmosphere! Go on, throw in some AFL club songs too.

Fun fact: Did you know the Just Quality Theme Song is inspired by AFL team chants?

So there you have it, a few entertainment recommendations and tips to help with your AFL Grand Final plans! If you have our outdoor blinds installed and you’re hosting an AFL GF party, we’d love to see photos of your entertainment space!

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