What’s The Difference: Outdoor Blinds, Plantation Shutters and Roller Shutters

Which Product Is For Me?

When it comes to improving your home, it’s important to consider all the factors of a product before installing it in your home. That’s why we’re here to tell you the differences between our outdoor blinds, roller shutters and plantation shutters! While they all have a similar purpose, each of these has unique benefits to them. Here are some of the key benefit differences for our outdoor blinds, plantation shutters and roller shutters;

The Differences

Outdoor Blinds

We have a range of outdoor blinds including motorised, tension and manual blinds. Not to mention our range of customisation of colour and fabrics.
Our outdoor blinds are perfect for those who;

  • Love entertaining and hosting! Whether it’s for a party, holiday or general socialising, our outdoor blinds are perfect for any occasion during any time of the year.
  • Speaking of weather, our outdoor blinds will protect your space from the South Australian climate. Be it rain, wind or sun, you won’t have to worry about your area or guests getting rained on. At any time you can pull them up or down with either the click of a button or pull stick. It’s that easy!
  • Unlike our plantation shutters and roller shutters, our outdoor blinds have a much larger span and can fully enclose an exterior outdoor space, as opposed to our roller shutters and plantation shutters that only cover interior spaces on windows.
  • Our outdoor blinds can withstand up to 139 km/hr wind loadingsliding plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters

Like all our products, we have a variety of styles to pick from, including hinged plantation shutters, sliding plantation shutters and bi-fold plantation shutters. We also offer popular white or off-white to compliment or contrast your home (check out our blog about the differences with white and off white here). Here are some of the key beneficial differences our plantation shutters have compared to our outdoor blinds and roller shutters;

  • Our plantation shutters are used purely from the interior of your home, while roller shutters and outdoor blinds are from the exterior of your home
  • Out of the three, plantation shutters are the only shutters that don’t have or require an electric operated mechanism
  • While our outdoor blinds and roller shutters are still just as safe, our plantation shutters are specifically engineered to be flame retardant and termite proof
  • Our plantation shutters insulate 3x greater than timber
  • Perfect for those who are also looking for a sleek, timeless look and feel to their home

Roller Shutters

Whether it’s for the front, side, or back of your house, our roller shutters work effectively in any position. Much like our outdoor blinds and plantation shutters, we offer quite a variety of customisation to your shutter. So, what are the beneficial differences with our roller shutters?

  • Perfect for shift workers! Our roller shutters are more beneficial for those looking to completely block out the light, therefore making it ideal for shift workers.
  • Unlike our outdoor blinds and plantation shutters, roller shutters also act as an extra layer of security for your home.
  • There’s only so much sound proofing you can do to your home, but with our roller shutters you can reduce the noise. Be it a loud party from next door or if you live on a busy road, our shutters are perfect for making your home quiter
  • While bugs will always be around, our shutters specifically has insect control – meaning no pesky bugs can slip through!

The Similarities

While there are beneficial differences between all three, here are the similarities that all our products can provide regardless of what you choose;

  • Our outdoor blinds, plantation shutters and roller shutters will save you energy bill money (blocking out the heat etc)  
  • All our blinds and shutters are custom-made in Australia for a fast turnaround time 
  • All provide different levels of shade and privacy 
  • They all use high quality and durable materials to endure the South Australian climate

Interested or have any further questions? Please call us on 1300 813 813 or send us an online enquiry via our website here. We’d love to help with your next home improvement project!