Plantation Shutters: Your Questions, Our Answers!

Custom Made Plantation Shutters

Ever wondered what the best type of blind or shutter is for your home? Well, it all comes down to knowing what your requirements are! Our plantation shutters can help improve the coziness and design of your home, plus they make a great conversation starter when you have people over (you’re welcome!). However, they’re more than just looking pretty. Learn more about our plantation shutters and some of the common questions Just Quality gets below!

Do Plantation Shutters Block Out Heat?

Not only are plantation shutters good for blocking out the light, but they can also improve your heating and cooling bills during different weather periods. The design and structure can help keep the heating or cooling in. Think of it like a new wall that’s been installed over your door or windows – it helps to bounce off any wind or heat that might be trying to seep through.

Can Plantation Shutters Be Repainted?

It really comes down to what colour and types you choose when first installing. If you know that you’re changing the colour of your home soon, it’s best to install plantation shutters once everything has been changed over.

Do Plantation Shutters Block Out Noise?

If you’re looking to minimise the amount of sound that is coming in and out of a particular room, plantation shutters are an easy and cost-effective way. To combat noise pollution, your best option is going to be plantation shutters over curtains. Fabrics won’t do as nearly much compared to shutters – as they’re heavy, and fitted to the window to block out any noise that may try to enter the room. Thanks to the moving slats on plantation shutters, you’re able to adjust not only sound but light and air.

Are Plantation Shutters Easy To Clean?

Cleaning your shutters is super simple – almost anyone can do it! Your vacuum cleaner comes with a range of different accessories that are used for hard-to-reach places. The soft brush vacuum attachment is easy to use and will suck up all the dust and debris.

Once cleaned with the vacuum attachment, wise a dry cloth and begin to wipe it down. Any additional dust that was not picked up by the attachment will be collected with the cloth.

Avoid using any chemicals unless you need to remove grease!

What Rooms Do Plantation Shutters Work Best In?

With so many options in your home, choosing where to install plantation shutters can be a difficult task. There’s no one set room where they will work best – it depends on your needs and what you’re after. Blocking light? Reducing noise? Dealing with noise pollution? Plantation shutters have the ability to do these and so much more.

One huge benefit is that they can help make a room look and feel bigger. Thanks to the louvers on the shutters, you’re able to open them to your desired amount of light. However, if you have mirrors in the room, this will help reflect light back into the room.

Are PVC plantation shutters toxic?

Something that is quite a common question is whether there is a large concern around PVC shutters. When PVC heats up to over 42 degrees for an extended period of time, that’s when it begins to release toxic gases. However, not many houses are going to get to 42 degrees, so this can be disregarded.

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